The best web is by WunderWeb!

How it works

The process of creating your site from demand to delivery of a complete site is very simple:


On the basis of your request we prepare an offer – a product description, price, payment terms, delivery times etc. If you agree, we will move on to signing the contract, or perform minor adjustments.

Contract signature

We can sign the contract even personally or electronically, and after payment of a deposit of 70 % of the agreed price we will begin to work on the design of your website which we will send you for approval.

Website creation

Once you approve the layout, we begin to fill the web with pictures, graphics and texts that you provide us (if we don’t agree otherwise). In conclusion, we will present you your new web and eventually make required changes.

Website launch

At this stage your WunderWeb will be complete and ready to be launched. After the payment of remaining 30 % of the agreed price, we will proceed to final adjustments and let in your website to the online world. :)

Basic description of services we provide can be found here. If it turns out that you cannot find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us with a request. We create personalized offers for customers so they are always satisfied and happy to come back to us.

About Us

We enjoy what we do and we want to share it with you! ;)
We have been taking care of the websites for several years...

...and we have been creating the websites since prehistoric times. We always seek for the easiest and most effective solution that suits our clients’ needs. We are very open to your feedback, we are constantly developing together with the market and therefore we like new ideas, suggestions and challenges from our clients. We promise we will try our best to meet your requirements for satisfaction on both sides. We respond flexibly because we know that our clients operate their businesses flexibly and reliably and they give us the confidence to create their online presentation. For which we thank them and we look forward to working with you as well.

  • You can be 100% confident we will do anything for your WunderWeb

  • Your WunderWeb will be ready in 14 days after signing the contract

  • As many languages we know as WunderWeb mutations you can have


Petra Orálková

Petra will help you through the entire process of the creation of your new WunderWeb – from initial requirements through the signature of an agreement to the presentation of the finished website.

Michaela Šmídová

Michaela is in charge of your website creation from the beginning to the end. She also takes care of the updates and other changes of your WunderWeb. She takes her work responsibly and strives to meet all your requirements.

Our work

Some examples of sites that we have created for our clients
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